Randall’s Lab: Randall’s also a teacher and in his website you can find general and basic listening quizzes, listening activities for academic purposes, listen to 20-minute ESL vocabulary lessons, find language learning and life tips and even long conversations with real audio. You can choose the level of difficulty (easy, medium or difficult) and enjoy the activities.

BBC Learning English: The BBC site which helps you learn English. With grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, general English, quizzes, talking sport, the Flatmates, a community for teachers and students and a section where you can download audios, videos and texts to take away.

Ello: Another great webpage for listening practice. Activities include multimedia, free MP3 files, vocab tasks, language notes, print page and more.

Multimedia English: It’s a video-tube website designed to help you learn real English while having fun and offers good quality resources for teachers too.

Listen to English: Here you can find podcasts, news and materials for teachers of English, from the British Council.

Listen a minute: If you have a minute a day, don’t waste your time then! This is your site. Browse by topic in alphabetical order and just do the activities. Listen many times – enough for you to understand everything!

Vaughan Radio and Television: It offers free videos, music on Spotify, live radio and even television.

Say it in English: Free English and spelling lessons. It uses American English rules of spelling and grammar.

EFL club movies: Activities with movie trailers and videoclips.

EFL club songs: Activities with songs.

Free Audio Books: Download audio books in English in different formats (mp3, iPod, etc.).

English Yappr: learn English while watching videos.



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