Infants & Primary

Learn English Kids, the page by the British Council with lots of games, videos, listening, reading and writing activities, songs and downloads.

BBC Beebies, a page designed by the BBC to play games, listen to songs, colour and draw, listen to stories, watch and listen. You can browse by theme and find useful information for grown ups before putting it into practice.

English for Little Children, a project by the CNICE, it’s an application for learning English at a very young age. Especially designed for Infants, it covers all the curricular contents and can also be applied to First and even Second of Primary. It’s divided in two levels, and every level offers different sections focusing on vocabulary. Very playful, funny and with a beautiful design.

El Extraterrestre, another fantastic app by the Spanish Ministry of Education for the first cycle of Primary Education which is divided by topics. You can choose the option for teacher, student or public and play. For teachers, it’s great as you can have a guide for use and worksheets. Students can easily play at home and the open public can see how it works and have some worksheet printed.

English for kids is for children who are learning English. Includes picture dictionaries, basic English vocabulary, grammar for kids, online word games, tests, etc.

Mes-english, Free Printables for Teachers – Resources for teachers of young learner. All the resources are designed to be versatile and useful. It has flashcards, printable worksheets and handouts to match, phonics worksheets, printable ESL games, printable certificates, stickers to print. A real help.



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